Conjure the creature that you are!


We Creatures is the home of costume designer and theatre practitioner Naomi Bajina. Built on a love for the unusual and a belief in the transformative power of costume, We Creatures devotes itself to uniquely luxurious design with one foot in the woods and the other in a fantasy world.


Inspired by nature and made using found and donated materials, We Creatures produces unique, handmade pieces ranging from regal horned headdresses, sweet hair accessories, animal ears and pom-pom crowns. 


We Creatures create amazing on-off costume for performers - walkabout, puppeteers, burlesque and the starlets of the Brighton drag scene!

We make beautiful pieces that are fabulous and breathtaking from both far away and up-close, dripping with detail.
We pay close attention to each concept and act of our individual clients to ensure the right aesthetic is achieved every time. Years of working as a professional performer goes into each design, so all of those unique performer needs are considered; easy to pack, transport and quick-change pieces that are show-stopping and unique.



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Rachel Hardwick


Erin Considine

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